RSDM Research has International Impact

Research at RSDM has had a worldwide impact. Our reputation in the field of oral biology and the emerging field of orofacial pain is international. We are working on potential treatments for cancer and drug-resistant pathogens. We collaborate with overseas companies on industrial research to develop products that improve oral health around the globe.  We have joined with researchers all over the world to help create a diagnostic code for orofacial pain that will help patients receive proper treatment.

In the past year, faculty have presented their work in Europe, Korea, Brazil and other nations. Led by Dr. Daniel Fine, our Oral Biology Department takes the innovative approach of exploring how the microbial origins of oral disease can be the basis for groundbreaking work that transcends dental medicine and paves the way for treating systemic illnesses.

In 2016 and 2017, we received new awards totaling $5.7 million and a total of $12.5 million in funds, including money from multi-year grants awarded in previous years. We have been recognized globally for our work developing products that fight gingivitis and caries. Our clinical work with Colgate, Johnson & Johnson and others has resulted in products that have advanced the field of oral health and hygiene.

Doctors from RSDM’s Center for Orofacial Pain, who often treat rare and frequently misdiagnosed forms of chronic pain, are also well-known overseas for their expertise. The diversity of our research faculty and students contributes to our success. They come from many nations: Israel, Ghana, India and Japan, to name a few. “Our department is very multicultural,’’ says Fine. “Diversity broadens our horizons and increases our ability to educate.’’