RSDM Grad: Never Too Late to Follow Dreams

Carrie Stetler | June 5, 2017

At 65, Husham Edani is the oldest graduate in the history of RSDM.“To be a student at this age, it wasn’t easy,’’ admits Edani, who was vice-chair of oral and maxillofacial surgery at Baghdad University before fleeing the country in 2003.


Donors Excel at the Art of Giving

Carrie Stetler | January 24, 2017

As the son of Holocaust survivors, Dr. Howard Drew has learned that gratitude can bring joy. “Survivors are often either incredibly sad or incredibly happy, and I found my parents to be so happy to be alive and have a family that they had a very positive outlook,” says Drew, an RSDM faculty member and a Class of ’82 alumnus. “They never felt entitled to anything.”


On RSDM’s 60th Birthday, an Alum Looks Back

Carrie Stetler | January 4, 2017

For RSDM’s first students, dental school was a place to learn the now-antiquated art of gold foil restorations and dental implants were decades away from being common practice. Alumni Dr. Robert Forte, a member of RSDM’s first class, looks back on at the school’s early days and the evolution of dentistry.


Alum Explores History Through Vintage Dental Gear

Carrie Stetler | November 27, 2016

Mike Mouravieff has a vast trove of dental antiques, from an S.S.White dental chair with red velvet upholstery, circa 1897 to a century-old bottle of Listerine, decorated with a delicate floral motif. A lifelong history buff, Mouravieff says the antiques are his window into the history of science and medicine.