RSDM Students Join ‘Three Doctors’ for Newark Mentorship Program

Carrie Stetler | October 2, 2017

Eighteen RSDM students joined the “Three Doctors” a nationally recognize trio from Newark who made a pact as teens to enter the medical profession. The Doctors include George Jenkins, an RSDM alum, who invited students to volunteer at Mentors’ Day event at University High School in Newark, an event that embodied the doctors’ motto, “Our Children Can Not Aspire To Be What They Can Not See.”


RSDM Grad: Never Too Late to Follow Dreams

Carrie Stetler | June 5, 2017

At 65, Husham Edani is the oldest graduate in the history of RSDM.“To be a student at this age, it wasn’t easy,’’ admits Edani, who was vice-chair of oral and maxillofacial surgery at Baghdad University before fleeing the country in 2003.


Donors Excel at the Art of Giving

Carrie Stetler | January 24, 2017

As the son of Holocaust survivors, Dr. Howard Drew has learned that gratitude can bring joy. “Survivors are often either incredibly sad or incredibly happy, and I found my parents to be so happy to be alive and have a family that they had a very positive outlook,” says Drew, an RSDM faculty member and a Class of ’82 alumnus. “They never felt entitled to anything.”


On RSDM’s 60th Birthday, an Alum Looks Back

Carrie Stetler | January 4, 2017

For RSDM’s first students, dental school was a place to learn the now-antiquated art of gold foil restorations and dental implants were decades away from being common practice. Alumni Dr. Robert Forte, a member of RSDM’s first class, looks back on at the school’s early days and the evolution of dentistry.