Dean Feldman Calls For Dentists To Step Up and Fight Opioid Abuse

Carrie Stetler | May 15, 2018

Many don’t realize that dentists and oral surgeons have played a significant role in America’s devastating opioid epidemic. But it’s not surprising since a large part of the job is managing acute and chronic pain. In NJ Spotlight,  Dean Feldman explores alternatives to drugs like vicodin and percocet and calls for dentists to step up in the fight against opioid abuse.


RSDM Envisions the Future at ADEA Conference

Carrie Stetler | April 2, 2018

RSDM was thinking ahead at last month’s American Dental Education Association (ADEA) conference,  where the theme, “Vision 2030,” was an invitation to explore ideas that foreshadow the future. More than 20 presenters showcased their work.