Dean’s Message of Unity and Hope in Wake of Synagogue Shootings

Carrie Stetler | November 1, 2018

Dean Cecile A. Feldman shared her response to the mass shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue last month, reaffirming RSDM’s commitment to diversity and compassion. “There is a saying that all living things are connected to each other in six or fewer connections. If this saying is true (I believe it is), then everyone in this world is closely connected to each other,” she wrote in an email to the RSDM community. “This weekend’s events in Pittsburgh have certainly proven this to be the case.”


RSDM Offers New Sleep Apnea Treatment to Underserved Patients

Carrie Stetler | October 2, 2018

It’s estimate that 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, which can cause high blood pressure, acid reflux disease and increase the risk of stroke. But 80 percent of cases go undiagnosed. For lower income patients, lack of affordable healthcare makes it even harder to get properly diagnosed and treated. Last year, RSDM began working with Horizon Medicaid HMO on a plan that will allow coverage for a newer form of sleep apnea treatment, becoming one of the only providers in New Jersey to offer it to low-income patients.