RSDM Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Oral Cancer Screening and Health Fair Event

Carrie Stetler | May 15, 2018

Since 1998, RSDM’s  health fair has screened thousands of patients for signs of oral cancer and raised awareness of the disease. Organizers of the event, held earlier this month, celebrated its 20th anniversary by screening nearly 250 residents of Integrity House, one of the state’s largest non-profit provider for treatment of substance abuse disorders.


On RSDM’s 60th Birthday, an Alum Looks Back

Carrie Stetler | January 4, 2017

For RSDM’s first students, dental school was a place to learn the now-antiquated art of gold foil restorations and dental implants were decades away from being common practice. Alumni Dr. Robert Forte, a member of RSDM’s first class, looks back on at the school’s early days and the evolution of dentistry.


Alum Explores History Through Vintage Dental Gear

Carrie Stetler | November 27, 2016

Mike Mouravieff has a vast trove of dental antiques, from an S.S.White dental chair with red velvet upholstery, circa 1897 to a century-old bottle of Listerine, decorated with a delicate floral motif. A lifelong history buff, Mouravieff says the antiques are his window into the history of science and medicine.