Student Uses Dental Calculus to Study Effects of Industrial Age

Carrie Stetler | November 15, 2018

Scientists know that teeth can provide important clues to everything from prehistoric creatures to crime scene information. One Rutgers student is working with RSDM researchers to explore what teeth can reveal about diet and health during and after the industrial revolution. LaShanda Williams, a Ph.D. student at the Rutgers Center for Evolutionary Studies in New Brunswick, believes that dental calculus might provide information that can’t be found anywhere else.


RSDM Unveils New $16 Million Research Facilities

Carrie Stetler | November 2, 2018

RSDM on Friday marked the grand opening of its expanded research facilities, completed with $16 million in state funding. The new facilities, totaling 25,000 square feet, include an expansion of the Center for Oral Biology, where researchers are working on treatments for cancer, systemic illnesses and drug-resistant pathogens, in addition to oral health diseases.


Got Research? Publish it in RSDM’s Student Journal

Carrie Stetler | September 25, 2018

RSDM’s student research publication, the Rutgers Journal of Dentistry, is eagerly looking for submissions for its next edition. “The main idea is to show what people here do, to introduce the research that’s been done,” said second-year student Taha Azimaie, an editor of the journal.