Student’s Work On New Implant Method Wins $100,000 Grant

Carrie Stetler | April 2, 2018

A postgraduate student’s s proposed alternative to titanium dental implants was awarded $100,000 from Rutgers University Tech Advance, which funds research for potential commercial development. Dr. Amir Fakhrzadeh, a resident in the Periodontics Department, has designed a method of replacing teeth with a composite biomaterial of cement mixed with patient dentin, which mimics natural teeth.


RSDM Researcher Leads Group of African Biomed Scientists

Carrie Stetler | January 3, 2018

At a convention of The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology 20 years ago, Dr. Vincent Tsiagbe and his colleagues noticed seven black scientists there. They became the first members of the Association of African Biomedical Scientists, which was founded by Tsiagbe.


RSDM Researcher Seeks Alternatives to Root Canal

Carrie Stetler | December 1, 2017

Dr. Emi Shimuzu’s research could some day help end a procedure most dental patients dread: the root canal. Shimuzu is an endodontist studying how to regenerate dental pulp and dentin as an alternative to removing the pulp during root canals.