Students Chosen for Honors Program Focusing on Patients with Disabilities

Carrie Stetler | September 1, 2017

Two fourth-year students have been selected to be part of the Special Care Dentistry Honors program, a new effort that focuses on treating patients with disabilities. Siddhi Shah and Melissa Ciandella will be focusing on an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes collaborative work with students and faculty from the Rutgers School of Social Work and the School of Public Health, said Vice Dean Dr. Kim Fenesy.


Doc Restores Symmetry to Patient’s Face

Carrie Stetler | August 23, 2017

As a young child growing up in South America, Thainara Ramos couldn’t open her mouth to speak properly or eat solid food. Her condition was caused by an untreated ear infection, which spread to her face, fusing shut the bones in her jaw. Oral nd maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Vincent Ziccardi devised a long-term plan that would accommodate Ramos as she grew, unlocking her jaw and restoring symmetry to her face.


Student Dreams of Building Orofacial Pain Clinic in Nigeria

Carrie Stetler | June 20, 2017

Nnamdi Anosike will never forget the 12-year-old patient he examined at a Nigerian dental clinic a few years ago.“The agony on her face, every day I see that,’’ remembers Anosike. The girl was diagnosed with trigeminal neurolgia, a rare disorder that results in chronic pain of the mouth and face. Anosike hopes to establish the first clinic of its kind in Africa to help patients like her.