Recent Grad Endows Scholarship to Thank Parents

Dr. Josh Bryan

Dr. Josh Bryan’s parents gave him the kind of support many middle class kids take for granted. They encouraged him to keep his grades up. They ferried him to swim team practice. When he was accepted to RSDM, they bought him a car so he could get around.

To show his gratitude, Dr. Bryan, Class of 2014, established the Rosemary and Todd Bryan Endowed Scholarship. “I was lucky enough to get scholarships when I was at dental school, but my mom and dad also helped out a lot,’’ says Dr. Bryan.

After he joined the Dental Group practice in Lewes, Delaware, Dr. Bryan’s newfound professional success motivated him to help dental students. Initially, he planned to donate to Rutgers-New Brunswick, where he earned his BA in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. But when he heard about the Chancellor’s Scholarship Match, which double and triples scholarship donations through 2019, he decided to establish an RSDM scholarship.

“I figured if I was going to do it, now would be a good time,’’ he explains.

Dr. Bryan urges recent graduates to consider funding a scholarship, too. “It’s important to make sure you can help out other people once you get a leg up, and if you can do it later on, that’s great as well.’’