Pandemic Doesn’t Stop Care to Share Mentorship Program

Although change is a constant in the field of dentistry, the uncertainty faced by recent graduates is timeless, according to Dr. George Schmidt, Vice President of RSDM’s Alumni Association.

“The one thing that never changes is the feeling of apprehension and uncertainty that many new dentists face,’’ he told alumni and students at last month’s webinar on the association’s Care to Share mentorship program.

“I’m sure all the alumni on the call tonight can remember how daunting things seemed,’’ he added.

More than 100 alumni and students registered for the webinar, which walked them through the process of joining the program through the Rutgers Alumni Career Connect platform. The site helps pair mentors with mentees and encourages dialogue through an online discussion board, where participants can share job openings, shadowing opportunities, questions and information

For now, the program is going virtual in light of COVID-19 – including online events and webinars — but still offers a valuable way for alumni, recent graduates and students to connect with each other.

“For successful clinicians who want to share their knowledge and experience, it’s a no coast way to give back,’’ said Dr. Schmidt. “For mentees, it will provide an invaluable resource.’’

For more information on how to join the program, sign up here.