Match Day 2021 is Celebrated Amid Pandemic

Match Day was held via Zoom this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but for fourth-year students, it was still cause for celebration.

RSDM continued to rank above the national match rate with 71 percent of students who sought a match finding one,  as compared to 59 percent nationally.

Class president Mary Camarano congratulated classmates and alluded to challenges faced during the pandemic. “I know it’s been a difficult time. I’m proud of everyone.”

Dean Cecile A. Feldman, who spoke at the ceremony, attributed the strong showing to RSDM’s  rigorous clinical program, which is well-known among residency directors.  “The students at RSDM have a good reputation,” she added. “We’re sought after.”

She encouraged students to always remain open to new knowledge. “Learning is a life long process,” she said. “It’s a journey.”

The dean also urged them to use the digital tools so many have relied on during the pandemic to stay in touch with each other. “I hope this is something you continue,” she said.

The majority of the 59 students who matched — a total of 43 — chose General Practice Residencies. Thirty-four students were staying in New Jersey while 14 were moving on to New York. But others placed in Ohio, Utah, California and Nebraska.

Below are some  additional Match Day statistics:

Matches by Specialty:

GPR: 43


Pediatric: 4

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: 3

Orthodontics: 2

Air Force: 1