A photo of RSDM clinicNew Study Explores Understudied Link Between Mental Health and Oral Health

Kardelen Koldas | June 22, 2022

Mental health has been gaining traction in the literature, but in dental medicine, it’s still an underexplored subject. Among the handful of researchers working on this niche area is Vaishali Singhal, a member of Class of 1993 and an associate professor at RSDM and Rutgers School of Health Professions. “From what I have understood, there […]


RSDM Student Research Showcased at Balbo Day

Margaret McHugh | May 10, 2022

Judges last month chose winners of the 2022 Balbo Day, at which 20 RSDM pre- and postdoctoral students showcased research conducted last summer. “It’s always fun and fulfilling to show what you’re doing, and to have people understand its value,” said Dr. Geet Shukla, whose research on the iron-binding protein lactoferrin won top honors among […]


Two 2021 Graduates of RSDM Pediatric Residency Win Prestigious Award

Margaret McHugh | April 3, 2022

Two 2021 graduates of RSDM’s pediatric dentistry residency program have won the prestigious Richard C. Pugh Achievement Award. Dr. Mahta Hazaveh and Dr. Gurvinder Kaur scored in the top 3 percent on the qualifying exam to become board certified. “For us to have two Pugh Award winners in one year is an accomplishment,” said Dr. […]


RSDM Researchers Develop Nutrition Education Tool to Help Older Adults with Tooth Loss

Margaret McHugh | April 1, 2022

Dentists everywhere can now access a tool to help patients with tooth loss learn how to incorporate nutritious foods in their diet, and why that’s so important.  Researchers at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine and Rutgers School of Health Professionals collaborated to create the “Eating Healthier with Tooth Loss” brochure, which is also available online […]