Faculty and Alumna is Pioneer in Field of Oral Surgery

Carrie Stetler | March 4, 2020

Dr. Pam Alberto endured a litany of sexist commentary during dental school in the 1970s and later, when she was applying for an oral surgery residency. Nevertheless, she persisted, eventually becoming the second woman oral surgeon in New Jersey.


RSDM Match Rate More than 20 Percent Above National Average

Carrie Stetler | February 3, 2020

Students celebrated the milestone of Match Day last month at RSDM’s annual ceremony, reflecting back on the lessons of dental school and looking forward to the future. Dean Cecile Feldman noted that RSDM match rate was 87 percent, compared to the national match rate of 64 percent.


Alumnas’ Gift Inspired by Women Mentors

Carrie Stetler | December 23, 2019

Drs. Miriam Furlong and Elisa Velazquez were RSDM students in the 1990s, when the great majority of faculty were men. For them, female faculty were a vital source of support and mentorship. Hoping to give back, they endowed a student scholarship as part of the Chancellor’s Challenge Scholarship Match.