RSDM Oral Surgeon Reveals Patient’s Beautiful Smile

Carrie Stetler | April 1, 2016

Devorah Eisemann went through childhood with a lower jaw that jutted so far forward, she was unable to chew. When she closed her mouth, her teeth wouldn’t join together. “It was one of the most severe malocclusions I had ever seen,” said Dr. Shahid Aziz, an oral & maxillofacial surgeon at RSDM’s faculty practice, Rutgers University Dental Associates.


RSDM Researchers Explore How Pain Becomes Chronic

Carrie Stetler | October 2, 2015

When acute pain becomes chronic, there’s a turning point. Changes occur in the body that allow the hurt to continue — even after the original source of pain is gone. RSDM researchers are exploring how and why one type of pain transitions to another.


Innovations at RSDM: Building a Better Prosthesis

Carrie Stetler | August 30, 2015

When patients lose their upper jaw to oral cancer, they can’t eat, drink, or speak. The solution is an obturator prosthesis, which replaces the roof of the mouth. Dr. Louis DiPede is working on a new lightweight design that would be better for patients.