Faculty Alumnus Creates Endowed Scholarship for Student Mentors

Carrie Stetler | June 7, 2019

Every student admitted to RSDM has had some share of academic success, observes Dr. Mitch Gardiner. But not everyone can be a mentor to classmates. It’s a quality Gardiner wanted to recognize when he established an endowed scholarship for the Chancellor’s Challenge, which matches donations through 2019.


Focus on Donors: Faculty and Alumna Draws from Past to Support Today’s Students

Carrie Stetler | May 2, 2019

When Dr. Valerie Rico was an RSDM student in the 1980s, a visit to the administration office was something to dread.“A student never came down this hallway unless they were in trouble,’’ said Rico, RSDM’s Director for Academic Affairs and a Chancellor’s Challenge Scholarship Donor. “Today, the environment is much more open and welcoming to students.’’