After Treatment for Rare Condition, Smiles are Transformed

Carrie Stetler | July 1, 2021

Zondre Joseph was 18 when doctors in his homeland of Barbados discovered a growth on the side of his face. He was diagnosed with ameloblastoma, a benign cancer of the jaw that grows rapidly and can cause disfigurement. He is one of two young ameloblastoma patients being treated at the school, thanks to a Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation SMILE Transformation grant, which funds their care.


Black Dental Pioneers Honored at Event

Carrie Stetler | March 2, 2019

Staff, faculty and students paid tribute to three African-American dental pioneers for Black History Month.They honored American’s first Black dentist, Robert Tanner Freeman, Jessie Gideon Garnett, Boston’s first Black woman dentist, and Earl Renfroe, America’s first Black orthodontist who is also considered the father of orthodontics in Brazil.