Black Dental Pioneers Honored at Event

Carrie Stetler | March 2, 2019

Staff, faculty and students paid tribute to three African-American dental pioneers for Black History Month.They honored American’s first Black dentist, Robert Tanner Freeman, Jessie Gideon Garnett, Boston’s first Black woman dentist, and Earl Renfroe, America’s first Black orthodontist who is also considered the father of orthodontics in Brazil.


RSDM Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Oral Cancer Screening and Health Fair Event

Carrie Stetler | May 15, 2018

Since 1998, RSDM’s  health fair has screened thousands of patients for signs of oral cancer and raised awareness of the disease. Organizers of the event, held earlier this month, celebrated its 20th anniversary by screening nearly 250 residents of Integrity House, one of the state’s largest non-profit provider for treatment of substance abuse disorders.