10446990_1433602153577594_3455884167795102013_nRole Play Helps Students Learn Communication Skills

Carrie Stetler | December 1, 2016

What’s the best way to respond to a patient who refuses antibiotics? Or one who uses an interpreter? Or a domestic violence victim seeking treatment for a broken tooth while her abuser is in the room? Second-year students figure it out during patient simulation sessions, where they role play these scenarios with professional actors.


Dr. Michel MAlum Explores History Through Vintage Dental Gear

Carrie Stetler | November 27, 2016

Mike Mouravieff has a vast trove of dental antiques, from an S.S.White dental chair with red velvet upholstery, circa 1897 to a century-old bottle of Listerine, decorated with a delicate floral motif. A lifelong history buff, Mouravieff says the antiques are his window into the history of science and medicine.